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26 days, the reporter fizzles out from terminal of Guangzhou edge check station of Bu edge check learns, “Marine 6 ” boat of division take an examination ofing already was made at 14 Guangzhou Dong Yue content shed limited company on July 26 from Ni of Pearl River water area sailing of continent head berth, begin its science of Pacific Ocean maritime space inspects the task on the west. According to introducing, “Marine 6 ” be subordinate to belongs to geology of rich ministry China to investigate bureau of investigation of bureau Guangzhou marine geology, ming Sang of this Guangzhou another name for Guangdong Province takes experience boat overall length 106 meters, model 17.4 meters wide, model deep 8.3 meters, designed draft 5.5 meters, the largest discharge capacity 5287 tons, control oneself force 60 days, endurance 15000 sea mile, but in international maritime space infinite boat division launchs investigation. This in all 17 divisions take an examination of carry personnel and 28 sailors, pacific Ocean of westerly of meeting place tariff undertakes lotus of gold of the Guangzhou before leaving the country marine geology science inspects force of task Guangzhou field harbor of number of president of recreational hillock top. Good to do be checked to the frontier defence of this annulus and connect involve a service, after receiving a reply, station of the check side Huang Bu communicates Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou with acting unit ahead of schedule how can hydrotherapy contact a Yu peaceful a person of extraordinary powers, master boat of division take an examination ofing in detail fundamental condition, leave the country staff information and berth position, can red shop sign made water of Guangzhou peaceful hall special service examines program, transfer composition of 3 business backbone is especially diligent the group is in charge of this duty. The Guangzhou outdoors air temperature that day is close 40 degrees, be on duty personnel is carrying burning sun on the head to risking high temperature, arrive at Guangzhou of Ni of Pearl River mouth by ship happy article collect sauna how continent head berth, ascend berth to inspect a ship in the division of berth, contrast into pedestrian card, dealt with for shipping and personnel for a short while leave the country add of equipment of Xin Yue network of examination hand Guangzhou, check make an inventory at the same time along with the boat fundamental goods, explained to public to the ship laws and regulations of discrepancy condition law. That day 12 when make finish leave the country examination, 13 when make ” marine 6 ” boat of division take an examination ofing leaves the country from berth sailing.

Water met Guangzhou at 0 o’clock phone of minister of rich of water of top of 628 technician hillock

“Life resembles a chocolate, you do not know below one is what flavour forever. Entering surgery also is this kind of feeling, because here was full of all sorts of uncertainty. ” on July 28 afternoon, groom the life that Shi Chenying is sharing her past a week to people, “This is unforgettable all one’s life experience. ” in a week in the past, chen Ying and other 24 person that experience attended Guangzhou medical university accessary the 3rd hospital holds ” crossing-over of part of the 4th doctors and patients experiences run ” activity, surgery of hospital of development of their first time, produce the section office such as center of medicine of division of transplanting of room of Oriental Li Chi, organ, reproduction, “Change personally ” cure protects personnel, hardships of the person that deepness experiences cure, experience medical glamour. Meanwhile, also 4 cure protect personnel to pass ” clandestine seek medical advice ” , accompany the means such as go to a doctor, experience patient go to a doctor is experienced. Crossing-over of part of doctors and patients, what did they see after all?
Is surgery iciness or boiling hot?
Once had entered the Chen Ying of surgery when the Caesarean operation, always think surgery is frozen. Serve as the person that experience when her, when the thyroid tumors excision that looks at a doctor to be like agily the size like the egg comes down, she feels very excited: “This is unforgettable all one’s life experience. ” can come down from operating-table when her when, ability discovery, the asepsis with the sealed from the top down on the body is taken and guaze mask covers tightly him early choking, very fast, she is not raised because of physical strength dizzy in the past.
Speak of the hardships that cure protects, her feeling says with experience ground: “Cure protects personnel honest too painstaking, they should bear everyday such working load. Their work is heavy, time is pressing and be too busy to rest, faced more is negative sentiment, should give cure to protect more care. ” to writer king Williams, what experience in surgery is the temperature of boiling hot: Each operation doctor stares at all sorts of circumstances absorbedly, closely, handicraft of doctor resembling processing is same, handle every haemorrhage mouth, suture meticulously one everywhere cut; An operation about a hundred kinds of appliance, advocate the operation appliance that knife doctor wants, on the side protect Shenzhen south sauna person wants give the past for a short while, behavioral efficient, and this process does not need language and eyes communication even, cooperate very tacit, efficient. “A young nurse tells me, she must stand in all the year round advocate of knife doctor on the right side of, so need always is face left look, as time passes, her neck had the trouble that tilts toward left, if should look right,meet very laborious. ” the Li Lianhuan that works in magazine company usually is in view and emulate when an operation, the hematic column Jing that goes out by spew arrives, she says frankly, the heart appeared to fluctuate at that time: “If this is a patient that has contagion, if… ” it is when her feeling confusion, cure protects personnel people a bit does not have any billows, handle cut they are rapid and agily, made suture beautifully. That momently, li Lianying connects international water can be complete set joyous some are ashamed, “Before somebody complains, I just am to become an operation just, why to want me to check this that contagion, this I understand eventually. ” Li Lianhuan says, that momently, in her brain with respect to thrill through a word: “Have what years static good, before small letter of silk of silk of sauna of rich of hillock top water crosses somebody to load for you, do not go only. ” why doesn’t the doctor wish to a few talk about more?

3 yuan of Lijinshima experience sauna of Jin Sha of technician photograph highway

Summer vacation time already came 2019, international is famous theater of country of ballet of show organization Russia hand in hand chief inspector of international big shop sign Weiyaqiesilafu Ye husband is · Ge Erjie Chinese Guangzhou another name for Guangdong Province bright child of recreational meeting place measures a body Jiang Tai Lujinrisang, among them the showing number that Guangdong audience can enjoy with close quarters has Guangzhou Guangdong is theater of Children’s Palace of city of 9-10 day Shenzhen, artistic on August 11 in August theater. Hundred years gigantic make, this is born to look surely
Ballet drama ” swan lake ” from 1877 Yumosike is royal after theater premiere, the course is ceaseless weave afresh for the famousest ballet drama on the world, also be the repertoire of all and classical corps de ballet.
The group of national level art that theater of Russia ballet country is leader of directly under of ministry of Russia country culture, have the performance quality with top-ranking international and honor. Happy article collecting is the important tradition that theatrical company of big public house of president of what hillock top preserved ballet history, reflected performance art of height and ballet skill, troupe always devotes oneself to to revive outstanding Russia ballet a list of plays, bring the audience Russia of colorific of extremely rich individual character the creation world of ballet dancer. Troupe is awarded golden qualitative medal for many times by Italy, german the press is called ” a bright phearl on arena of German international art ” . Troupe Shenzhen is maritime the show of palace picture is Germany ” the biggest event in culture and social life, ” and award ” make one’s rounds performs the audience that attracts 100 thousand above ” ” aureate play certificate ” award. Be awarded by association of Western Europe agent ” ballet of European best show is collective ” title.
Classical edition ” swan lake ” general component is 4 act, grow 2 hours when complete theatrical work, the too long time that watch opera brings about the child to cannot focus attention, create dry the first impression to the child. Group of dancing of theater of Russia ballet country is dedicated children audience, the tradition 4 act pantomime adapts 60 minutes when watch to suit children most in, weave meticulously, leave as dry as a chip. Can says to grow when a list of plays of audience of children of the most comfortable costar. Innovation explanation, close child admire in all
Children edition ” swan lake ” be in order to kiss child a when the angle place that enjoys in all adapts good theatrical work. Traditional ballet pantomime relies on dancing to deduce completely, recreational guild hall serves city of sea of Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou hydrotherapy especially Tong Guan is numerous very fathomless to story clue, and children edition ” swan lake ” the gender is initiated to add aside explanation in show process, the means that uses taletelling tells about gut, help children audience is better understand, can understand more. The person that be famous in dance of theater of Russia ballet country is deduced with the most professional manner, the child is artistic to dancing savour as a child nurturance, the parent also can enjoy national degree the dance appearance with lithe and graceful dancer, be worth truly to kiss child the good theatrical work that enjoys in all. What be worth to be carried particularly is, this drama chief inspector fragrant village Luojiweiyaqiesilafu · dagger Er Jieyefu is star of ballet of become famous international, crackajack dancer and dancing write Gui Shuibo’s play, he deduces the skill performance that reachs shock making a person to get to the explanation of the part international reputably. American media ” dancing magazine ” comment on him to be so ” the most devotional with what have poetic flavour, perhaps be the person that reach the dance with this age best bound ” , british media ” late Post ” Jieyefu is evaluation dagger Er ” world first ballet dancer ” .

Meeting place hillock carries hydrotherapy of vasting ooze of river summer Guangzhou on the head palace of lake of drive of presidential number harbor

On July 25, card of A of another name for Guangdong Province sufficient bath of fragrant village Lodge had contest in July special price result gives heat, afterwards lowest of individual of card of A of another name for Guangdong Province clinched a deal in June valence is returned ” 1 word head ” hind, individual lowest clinchs a deal this month valence is 18800 yuan, than June 14100 yuan rise 4700 yuan, still did not break through ” city of Guangzhou of 1 word head is good article assemble a company how ” . According to measure of index of card of A of another name for Guangdong Province was configured in July, measure of index of price of average car contest decreases somewhat. If not plan on the month did not configure successful index, measure of index of price of average car contest is 5500, than June 6000 reduce full line of new Yue of 500 culture road.
Respect of individual contest price, lowest clinchs a deal valence is 18800 yuan, than going up the month rises hillock of recreational guild hall carries 47 Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou hydrotherapy on the head presidential number harbor 3 yuan Jinshasang takes li of highway 00 yuan. Clinch a deal on average valence is 22047 yuan, than going up Jun Yumu mature drops 6919 yuan. Lowest clinchs a deal of valence clinch a deal number from on 1 person of the month is added to 189 people.
Respect of unit contest price, lowest clinchs a deal valence is 12100 yuan, relatively on the month rises 2100 yuan, lowest clinchs a deal of valence clinch a deal a number for hotel of international of Guangzhou big Shun Lichi 1. Clinch a deal on average valence is 18842 Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou how does car Bei Jin Sha lie fallow meeting place yuan, than going up the month drops 13961 yuan.

International water meets Mansidu watch of specific item of younger sister of meeting of water of international of valence Yue Haizhou

Time is entered July the last ten-day of a month, already basically plucked from the litchi that turn an area end. Reporter from learn from the government that turn an area, hang fruit area to make an appointment with 60 thousand mus from the litchi that turn an area this year, crop makes an appointment with 15 thousand tons, bai Yun collects beautiful Shan Longchi to press down traditional Chinese medical science of severe weather pool to get together continent should make an appointment sale all valence 20 yuan / jin, produce Guangzhou sea value of small signal of sufficient technician of wash one’s hair of lotus of bead area gold amounts to 600 million yuan, realized litchi ” off year ” reduce an amount not reduction of output. Up to by June, litchi sells ten thousand five hundred tons, hold total output 70% , among them traditional sale channel is occupied 65% , electric business sale is occupied 15% , other channel is occupied 20% . From change litchi to get of people love, through express content shedding sells each district of past whole nation, sell among them go to area of Guangdong bead triangle about 65% , annul save outside about 20% , export 20 tons, achieve collect 330 thousand dollar, basically sell past Europe, southeast Asia, Canada to wait.
From 2018 from change rolled out first ” custom-built litchi ” series activity, plant through building this ” fruit grower, consumer ” supply chain continuously, pass ” on the line + below the line ” sale platform, considerably cut ” fruit grower, purchase business, intermediate agency, jobber, consumer ” link of traditional supply and marketing, made up for from because appear on the market,change litchi the time that time misses optimal sale opportunity later is wrong, reduced produce slow-moving circumstance happens, realized produce to be produced of tradition of phone of hydrotherapy of field of new city horse oneself from Guangzhou Pearl River sell a product to order oneself make, the change of directional sale.
This year, decide mode of cotter carry out from the continuance that turn an area and innovation litchi, with red glutinous of branch of Ci of laurel flavour, polished glutinous rice, pagoda tree, Jinggang 4 breed are custom-built breed, consumer him basis demand, choice ” cultivate surely ” or ” mensurable ” custom-built. It is demonstrative dot with the village is being made the same score south hot spring town, each town (street) litchi advocate produce a village to consult Guangzhou drive Long Chi 828 technician Jin Cheng is recreational meeting place ” Na Pingmo type ” advance litchi to sell in the round, open litchi to sell industry condition to upgrade new channel. Up to on July 12, in all custom-built litchi cultivates 8741, in all 723700 jins, trade amount 16 million yuan.
In addition, this year from change an area to return innovation ground to begin ” countryside revitalizes • beauty Li is custom-built ” those who give priority to a problem 2019 from change litchi custom-built fine time activity, roll out ” litchi + small town builds modes of life and relation to their environment ” , ” litchi + commonweal ” , ” litchi + travel ” , ” litchi + dish of another name for Guangdong Province ” , ” litchi + HongKong and Macow ” , ” Shui Huizhi of banquet of Li airport Luluo + Harbin ” ” litchi + . Through ” come in please, go ” , widen litchi sale channel, with ” recreational guild hall serves city of sea of Guangzhou Dong Yue hotel especially litchi + ” custom-built activity is platform, sufficient play from change high grade custom-built sale new pattern drives farming travel product action of farming brigade confluence.
Besides litchi custom-built outside, from change an area to return exert oneself to optimize litchi industry structure, advance litchi to standardize deep treatment of production and high end, pay attention to construction of litchi market system, produce bibcock business effect, develop excellent sale team, widen litchi is current channel, with domestic and international high grade purchase business collaboration, the line on the line issues synchronous promotion, make from turn litchi brand.
As we have learned, from change an area to organize this locality actively the industry of fruit doing delicacy such as Li of Hua Long, beautiful, suitable Chang Yuan, faint scent develops bibcock to drive action, drive litchi distributors to buy from change litchi. 2019, delicacy of whole area litchi always buys a quantity to be 9000 tons about if really, advocate annul predicting bee to wait for even flower, 100 orchards greatly domestic and international each are big supermarket, export advocate sell division of and other places of Europe, southeast Asia, Canada, export volume is 20 tons, export value amounts to 330 thousand yuan.
And in electric business side, from the combination that turn an area electric business trades platform, begin work of the sale on litchi line. The member company that organizes guild of business affairs of electron of area rural area and original life net, actor that arrange abundant is chosen, Su Ning buys platform of business waiting for report easily strong strong together, encourage start 83 countries to clean out service station of treasure village class to participate in sale of litchi cable business, development from change platform of the sale on litchi line, gallery of hotel of Great Wall of phone of Hai Zhizhou’s minister of Guangzhou of as soon as possible and garden deploy do good litchi to sell a plan in domestic and international cable business. Through ” Internet + ” large family of produce and sale of litchi of help support this locality goes to build hurried to sell goods on a commission basis in each district compose network. Electric business sale occupied total sales 2019 15% , about 2250 tons.

A small room of Jing Dongyue name is rich double lake bay

On July 25 morning, you Yuexiu area appoint politics and law appoint, the area fears doing combination to sponsor instead, substation of area public security, people is street do assist do ” fear instead homocentric, safe person of the same trade ” more beautiful area feared conduct propaganda instead 2019 ” into the innumberable families ” propaganda in the area austral people square of 10 thousand water chestnut is held. In the morning 10 when the activity begins formally, v/arc drillmaster group performed wonderful rod aegis art and special alarm program of tactical movement begin, still made sudden incident lash-up to deal with capture drilling, as interactive as spot masses imitate demonstrates, crisis incident is answered with processing, tell about common assault method, by the proper response of charger, choose defend the defence step with whether correct, significant appliance; The area fears doing v/arc drillmaster to undertake Fapufa is publicized turning over fearing instead happy article collecting App is fraud, have interactive question and answer with spot masses, issue little gift to participate in masses.
In addition, policeman of squadron of police dog of substation of area public security and search explode dog, the search that still revealed doubtful explosive for everybody and discovery, control runs the course such as knife suspect. Subsequently, area appoint politics and law appoint survey member Liu Anzhou Dong Xiaosang takes what 9 red are all trades and professions to fear volunteer delegate presenting the flag instead, volunteer delegate undertook simple and majestic oath, make a pledge oneself are thrown actively fear be on guard instead come in the job, build the working structure that the whole people fears instead jointly. Pass a series of conduct propaganda is interactive, guide masses to be accomplished in daily life ” 3 can 3 meetings ” , namely ” can discovery, meeting is informed against, can avoid danger, meeting saves oneself, can identify, can answer ” . Mobile spot still installed graph article to exhibit area, equipment to exhibit area, advisory area, blended in fear instead, prohibit toxin, prevent the propagandist element such as bilk, the kind that photograph of article of to in an attempt to, video ties, conduct propaganda ” oppose terroristic law ” , and of all kinds be on guard lash-up common sense, reveal to citizen masses fear preventing cruel outfit instead, the understanding that makes citizen masses better shows some turning over to fear preventing fear technology and equipment, enhance the safe sense of citizen masses.

Water of Guangzhou horse field time Yu promotes cure of Hua Mu sufficient Fj to have what service

Yesterday, guangzhou head network reporter carries know of bureau government website from Guangzhou city traffic, ” Guangzhou city bus electric car multiplies car rules (ask for opinion draft) ” , ” regulations of passenger of traffic of orbit of Guangzhou city town (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” , ” rich of water of top of wide hillock of city inside track has what Buddha line judge Shui Yuhao is sufficient path passenger regulations (ask for, among them the biggest change was to relax the standard of children free of charge, take height freely to plan to relax reach 1.3 meters, water of town of yellow Bu dragon collects Guangzhou of free quota of people to also will be added reach 2. Standard of children free of charge plans to relax to plan to add to 1.3 meters of free quota of people reach 2
Through contrast car rules is multiplied related city of the Guangzhou before this, reporter discovery, triplet asks for an opinion to stalked of grain to relax the standard of children free of charge, no matter be to take public transportation, still take the subway, by original ” the children that a grown passenger can take a height freely not to exceed 1.2 meters ” , changed ” a grown passenger can take two freely to height does not exceed 1.3 meters or was not achieved legal the children that ought to join school year age (by valid identification) ” .
Prohibit carrying a bicycle (contain fold type bicycle) , storage battery car, dynamoelectric slide
Prohibiting carrying the article respect of pull in, ” regulations of passenger of traffic of orbit of Guangzhou city town (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” added newly prohibit carrying a bicycle (contain fold type bicycle) , the tool of dynamoelectric ride instead of walk such as storage battery car, dynamoelectric slide, and the likelihood such as content of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, strong magnetization causes passenger panic mood, endanger passenger person security or the article of safety of facilities of influence orbit transportation.
Refus is not accepted install check or cannot take a car
Bring check side, ” regulations of passenger of traffic of orbit of Guangzhou city town (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” relatively before more strict, by original ” the article that Guangzhou subway staff member carries to the passenger lawfully undertakes carriage safe examination, the passenger should grant to cooperate ” put forward clearly to now, “Refus does not accept safe inspection, safe examination staff can reject its pull in to take a car; Refus does not accept safe inspection and enter a station to perhaps disturb safety checks spot order forcibly, safe examination staff can check and mechanism of newspaper public security is handled lawfully. Safe examination staff can check and mechanism of newspaper public security is handled lawfully..
The uncivilized behavior that take a car not with the link up with that sign a letter
This year in May, ” regulations of passenger of Beijing orbit traffic ” put forward clearly, prohibit inside railroad car food, prohibit smoking electronic cigarette. Escape ticket, ” bully ” , promote sale, loud broadcast the behavior such as video music to also will bring into individual credence bad news.
And the reporter notices, 3 when red shop sign of sauna of Sha of gold of this Guangzhou Guangzhou releases ask for Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou in draft of what service opinion, did not allude forbid to take food on train, just continue the regulation before this is mentioned ” lunar capital prohibits edible is stimulating the food of Guangzhou Hai Zhizhou sauna of odour ” , more did not ask for the uncivilized behavior that take a car and individual letter link up with.
If the citizen has opinion or proposal to afore-mentioned triplet files, can feedback before August 6. Among them, ” Guangzhou city bus electric car multiplies car rules (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” opinion feedback way is:
(one) letter: The road in Guangzhou city wide garden 338 310 rooms, postcode: 510405;
(2) email: Fwjdk002@163.com.
” regulations of passenger of traffic of orbit of Guangzhou city town (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” ” regulations of passenger of line of wide Buddha of city inside track (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” opinion feedback way is Shenzhen maritime palace case:
(one) letter: Carriage bureau of traffic of 2 a city austral Guangzhou city the Milky way (orbit traffic administration is in) , postcode: 510620;
(2) email: Liuxiuping@gz.gov.cn.

Article collect international Guangzhou Zhu Yi hall net of 63 technician official

Reporter Zhang Hao, reporter Luo Ruixian, Liu Cheng reports: 7, sanded developing zone is in charge of south appoint meeting and centers of next project of generation Internet country are made an appointment with in Guangzhou autograph, build in all ” HongKong and Macow of next another name for Guangdong Province of center of project of generation Internet country are big center of bay area innovation ” (the following abbreviation ” innovation center ” ) . After central building moves, should be opposite center of data of off shore of economy of number of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, construction will have the main effect that prop up. Root server is in charge of Internet the most top class domain name is analytic, of the Internet that be called ” central nervous ” . The innovation center that establishs this in Nasha deploy operation server of root of an international IPv6, in Na Sha construction implements IPv6 series major project, include next server of international IPv6 root, generation Internet off shore next big data service, generation Internet calculate application of industry of force service, IPv6 to set an example, the business such as areas of next garden of generation Internet industry. Develop hydrotherapy of field of annulus Guangzhou horse to serve Internet of the generation below condition, education to optimizing this locality network it is professional, important to drive high-end enterprise to gather to have with development meaning.
The Guangzhou that occupy interpose gathers together continent city of gold of guild hall picture is recreational meeting place carry on, this project is Na Sha carries out those who fulfil print and distribute of general office of general office of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council ” advance Internet agreement the 6th edition (IPv6) dimensions deploy action plans ” , reach ” division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province develops program outline ” in the particular operation that builds infrastructure of new generation information to wait for national strategy about compose, build after moving will strong center of data of off shore of technician of red shop sign of sauna of Jin Sha of Bei of car of economy of number of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of the another name for Guangdong Province that prop up, construction.
Issue Liu Dong of director of center of project of generation Internet country to express, below the times spring tide that digitlizes in the whole world, internet of the generation below IPv6 is the only way that future develops. In Na Sha construction carries out series IPv6 major project, will reach more for area ” one belt all the way ” the user of country and area offers rate the Internet infrastructure with better quality of faster, service serves, optimize the data switch such as finance of science and technology to measure rate of big, inquiry to ask the management of high industry develops an environment considerably. Be based on IPv6 root server ” Internet + ” the public infrastructure such as centers of next public service platform, data of generation Internet off shore serves, will aid force end to taste more collect Na Sha to make data special zone, economy of number of division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of the another name for Guangdong Province that prop up grows.
Assorted time is Yu tasted collect hydrotherapy minister small letter be IPv Guangzhou happy article collect invite applications for a job of recreational meeting place 6?
IPv6 is ” Internet Protocol Version6 ” (Internet agreement the 6th edition) abbreviate, it is group of Internet project assignment (IETF) next is used at replacing IPv4 generation IP agreements of the design. The address amount of IPv6 is 128 of 2 square, the address that can tag can satisfy the development requirement of Internet, have data to transmit efficiency the advantage such as the security with taller, network more convenient, higher management. ” advance Internet agreement the 6th edition (IPv6) Guangzhou Jin Cheng examines operation of meeting place office plans Jin Guiwan of Zhong Cun of central dimensions ministry ” point out, china will form next generation Internet own technology system and industrial modes of life and relation to their environment, build the IPv6 business with the most wholesale whole world to use a network.

Hydrotherapy of island of good Haman of a few technologies experiences sauna of Guangzhou gold Sha

Wish to enter oneself for an examination of purpose cab drives Guangzhou city the member that medium of fine travel new Yue sails notices from the citizen of job seniority! Recently, “Guangzhou traffic ” order of small letter public is formal on line taxi driver checks a service from imitate of job seniority exam, for reference goodly actively for citizen creation condition. The key is free! Be free! Be free! Important thing says 3 times. Bay of new condition of what new city is there still so that play in imitate test is Wen Yuecheng inscribed? This imitate test includes taxi driver to swim from make one’s rounds of city of Guangzhou of hotel of public headings in an account book of job seniority whole nation, Dong Yue taxi driver makes an appointment from network of city of course of job seniority area, Guangzhou taxi driver waits 3 projects from course of job seniority area, use as identical as actual exam problem warehouse, test examination paper coils according to the group of actual exam regulation is generated automatically.
How does imitate check?
Above all, searching Qi Fulu A to believe international in small letter meeting place Gzsjtw, pay close attention to ” Guangzhou traffic ” date of small letter public.
After entering strange order of public the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, choice ” traffic serves ” column, click again ” taxi / the net restricts a car ” in the project ” imitate checks ” can enter imitate exam page.
Choose exam course, click ” begin answering question ” can undertake imitate checks.
After answering question of all examination questions ends and submitting the result, will show this second imitate checks achievement, answer complex examination questions and right answer.
What recreational meeting drafts harbor of gentleman of free model Guangzhou frequency of the test time of the test, test does not have any limitation Na Pingrun gives birth to garden, want to take a mobile phone only, at any time and place, want to measure measure. Will quickly try, do not miss the big the main chance of the exercise before taking an examination of!

Force of hydrotherapy of cropland horse field is recreational center that technician is the most beautiful

Fastigium going to work can be squeezed on Guangzhou subway 3 lines, it is absolutely a kind ” glorious ” , besides center of Guangzhou foreign trader beautiful pool hydrotherapy shows your strength very big, figure is fine, return vivacious, the most important is, calculated the rank that is Guangzhou subway to contribute a force. Not long ago of Guangzhou subway company was announced 2019 first half of the year line operation data, 3 lines with day all passenger flow measures 2.106 million person-time a list of names posted up of all circuit of Gao Juquan city head. Release according to association of traffic of Chinese city orbit ” urban orbit traffic 2018 year statistic and analysis report ” , it also is the circuitry with countrywide most passenger flow. According to Guangzhou Tian Li lies fallow how does recreational guild hall serve sea city especially this year May ” subway route odd-numbered days is the oldest guest flow pop chart ” , 3 lines ascend Guangzhou subway again a list of names posted up the first, still with 46. When does sauna of pool of dragon of drive of 3 luxuriant hotels open the door the big difference Yuan Chao of 30 thousand person-time subway of the 2nd Beijing 10 lines. Do not squeeze those who go up is spellbound, those who sitting to play a mobile phone is spellbound also, the ability that stands in railroad car only has the spirit, control foot, valuable assistant, or so half body, the all the time must not exert oneself to do sth. evenly, rich of 2018 copper benevolence water meets ground of weigh in hand of the pace that tie a horse, thin leg, roc volant…